Time Alone

I dont know whats wrong with me

Sometimes I feel like breaking off from everyone.

Like a time alone.

I dont even feel like saying a hi

Even if you are moving right from near my eyes.

I want to be in my own bubble

Watch from a distance everything move

Without being a part of it.

Still I do exist

Just that I dont want to be in it everytime.

Sometimes i just want a me time

It does not mean I am leaving you

I just need a lot of time to find me.

19 thoughts on “Time Alone

    1. Yes I guess , actually this is inspired by a video I saw on introvert people .🙂🌼❤️

      1. I guess even I am, may be a necessity of time when everything is so technologically connect ed, there may be many of them who.want to have their me time between all this.

    1. Yes some.really needs a lot of time alone , this is inspired a recent video on introvert people that I saw. 🙂🌼❤️

    1. Yes some just need it more , ones who are naturally introvert. 🙂🌼Its time people.learn to include and accept others as they are giving them space yet accept them.🙏🌹

  1. I enjoy this poem well coz i’m exactly like this 🥰 Most times, I put my phone in silent mode and sit inside my room or go for a walk on terrace to regain energy after a long day of work.

    1. Very true some of us just need that alone time its a must to rebuild ourselves . I too need much time alone otherwise I just cant continue. Thank you🙂 🌼

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