Have times changed?

unrecognizable ballerina silhouette jumping with raised arms

Are we still judged the same

or times have changed.

She wanted to make a place for herself

and ventured where her creativity guided.

She joined the wagon

making connections with the same interests,

in the journey to exchange and grow .

But some turned out to be a shock

a reminder its still the same everywhere

questions asked about her personal side.

Why did it even matter

When she was here for her passion

and she expected them to know

being from the same domain.

To her surprise there were still many out there

in every field of interest

who think we are only names, that defines us.

She felt so sad for them

and their creations

so hollow and shallow

just like their thoughts for all like her.

She spoke aloud and for all.

Its time to let them know

they are not allowed to ask ,what we wont accept.

its not ok to know, that’s none of their business.

we are here for what we strived best .

11 thoughts on “Have times changed?

    1. Yes the line behind the entire story. 🙂💕, THANK You🙂 dear friend.

  1. So true..
    People still label you with gender or surnames..
    The struggle is long but has to be gone through till every opinion changes..
    Stay blessed always Gayatri.

    1. Very well said , there are more dimensions they think they are right about all of it needs to change. 🙂🌼🙏

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