A Gem

Oh You were too quick to judge me

Let time pass and you will start to love me.

As time will unfold

Everything you never knew about me.

As time will reveal

All that you wrongly calculated in haste.

As time will tell

This time you were wrong to judge a person.

As time will testify

The gem of a person I am and you are lucky to have me.

For a change , the first time I have written something to speak about self love.dont you think its good to value and feel good about oneself.🙂❤️🌼

23 thoughts on “A Gem

  1. True…
    Every human has goodness in him or her… unfortunately many do not realise that ..tje worst is that a vast majority does not reognise the goodness inside their own self …
    The first step towards loving life to the fullest is accepting oneself , embracing all the faults…loving self sbd working to get better every single day…it is my own opinion which should matter to.me the most..
    Stay blessed always Gayatri..

    1. Beautifully said , Its always great to hear from you, adds more depth and great perspective. Thankyou🙂

      1. My pleasure Gayatri…your writing always stimulates the mind and thoughts just flow…
        Stay blessed always..
        Keep blogging..keep inspiring.

    1. Every perspective could be right, could also mean time may correct misconceptions 🙂🌼

      1. This poetry has multiple dimension it could be about relations , self love , friendship, self confidence depends who sees it from which perspective.

    1. Thankyou🙂 yes sometimes patience , sometimes trust , sometimes value . time is the main factor.

    1. Thank you🙂, Sowmya . yes it could reveal a lot depends upon what we see through it.

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