Behind the smiles

I wish I could read behind those smiles

Ones hiding deep memories

Ones covering true feelings

Ones suppressing those discrepancies

Ones without emotions

Ones made up for the picture perfect

Those smiles so pure

The one that comes from fulfillment

The one of innocence

The one that reflects soul

The one that spreads to all

Smiles that travel miles

That knows no language

Breaks barriers all.

10 thoughts on “Behind the smiles

  1. A smile can mean a thousand words but it can also hide a thousand problm.

    Smiles that travel miles
    That knows no language

    Centβ„… true line didi❀

  2. Smiles transcend beyond language…they convey or hide as per need of the time…but generally bring in happiness..
    Stay blessed always

    1. ThankyouπŸ™‚ thats so beautifully said , your words always add more meaning to that I write. Really thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ™

      1. My response depends on how well you express your thoughts . As long as yiur words resonate with me response will automatically be to appreciate.
        Stay blessed always Gayatri.

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