My Journal 72. Talking about Negative topics

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Many a times in a society people who try to bring to light or talk about negative issues are alienated as others find them annoying or negative . Actually to be able to speak , accept and have a point of view on these so called negative topics is very much necessary to break that barrier which keeps away from discussing about them as if it is a embarrassment or discomfort .

Talking about negativity or negative topics is not same as negative thinking . This is a common misconception that actually makes its difficult to talk about various topics that fall into the negative category . To be able to openly express , communicate or exchange views on various negative topics that exist socially , individually and in relations is considered a taboo and most of the time the one trying to address or raise such topics is considered a negative person with a negative mindset or attitude.

Yes there is a thoughtful , conscious and aware way to discuss these sensitive issues , common issues or social evils . The more they are spoken and awareness created , the less their effect and intensity will be around . But speaking about negative issues is always considered a taboo also gets the person labelled trying to highlight such topics. We don’t necessarily speak of them because one has faced it or experienced it , instead to know , empathize with all those realities that very much part of the life and system we belong in .

Its time within our circles , with our kids at right age , within families we keep an open mindset to be able to talk and discuss such issues without the fear of being wrongly judged or labeled . Yes some degree of sensitivity and maturity needs to be exercised so that it doesn’t hurt sentiments but totally ignoring the existence or avoiding speaking about it just gives way to more such issues to keep happening.

These are not just issues at social level but anything as small as, at personal level which keeps adding to the burden and effects the mental health , especially at times and age when someone is still learning and developing themselves or going through many challenges as they face the outside world or in relations . This requires us to accept , identify and acknowledge them than just consider it as nothing or a passing phase . A connection and communication with our close ones to openly discuss without being judged is necessary to move through such times. A talk to create awareness how its very much part of relations and life of our times .

Being positive , being strong is always held high, so much that negative talks or issues are suppressed and considered negative to be spoken about . Talking about negativity is not same as negative thinking.

2 thoughts on “My Journal 72. Talking about Negative topics

  1. Any topic should be open for discussion…
    Growth and pisitivity comes through discussions only.
    Stay blessed Gayatri.

  2. Its really not that easy , I have experienced this many times around .nobody wants to discuss or hear things that very true but somehow is a discomfort to them to speak about.

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