My Journal.73 Herd Mindset

How great achiever or successful or talented one is in their field or life, loses its value if they are remote controlled under the influence of another. To have achieved a position of great value with efforts but not having the freedom to be able to freely think or decide for oneself renders  the knowledge and skills  of no use or becomes a hurdle to be put to right use.Especially if one wants to be a people pleaser or not break from their circle at any cost.

Many a times people are under the influence of others due to various reasons like emotional attachment, sharing common thought process or liking , belonging to a circle , relations that have long past being together  . Wanting to be part of these circles or maintaining these relations puts one at a position where they respond to what pleases or gets accepted in that circle. To be conscious not to do something that may affect your equation in these relations . Sometimes obliged to do something as a favour as you very much want to be part of them.This becomes a great barrier in ones freedom to think and take decisions as per ones choices.

In our want to fit in or be accepted of this circle many a times we are under the influence of their decisions and opinions , unconsciously we would not ever want to go against. To be part of this and yet keep ones freedom to decide and think for oneself , to make our choices and not be influenced by another is what one needs to be aware of. To be able to take ones stand or not being influenced to do something that one otherwise would never agree of is needed at times that demand you to think for yourself. Yes we all want to be part of and feels good and secured in belonging but at the same time not let the influence cloud our judgment and decisions be remote controlled by another. To keep our rational thinking form base of our judgements and actions than emotionally driven to follow the herd is very much needed to exercise our freedom .

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