Its good to be back

Its good to back

With a renewed mindset

Those clutters taken care of

Chalked a way to keep track of

New rules and defined limitations

To keep check, meeting those expectation

Sometimes in this whirlwind

Its better to move out, to see how we are entwined

Unable to see how we keep sinking deeper

Loosing our senses from all that matter.

Its good to be back

With a renewed mindset.

Hi friends its good to be back , the break was shorter than I expected…

Thank you🙂 friends for all your support.💕🌼

5 thoughts on “Its good to be back

  1. so ever small they may be..always help in rejuvenating and reinventing…start with a fresh mindset.
    Stay blessed Gayatri.

    1. Truly spoken , break is very much needed to bring the freshness . Thankyou🙂 🙏🌼

  2. Good one Gayathri. Breaks / pauses are definitely needed in ones life. We come back energized and refreshed with a new set of thoughts.

    1. Very true , Sowmya also breaks help us look into matters that skipped our attention in this run.

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