unrecognizable woman demonstrating light bulb in hands


that little point
that paves the journey ahead

that thought in mind
that helps you face with courage

that moment taken in hand
that defines your freedom to make

those principles held so strong
that builds the person you are today

those words spoken so loud
that no body can break

those stands you take
that don’t look for approval or stakes

those steps taken to be a part of and those to move out
those driven by instinct and those calculated and made
those for self alone and those selflessly made

This powerful force of all
that empowers all
to take control of fate.
a decision one makes,
is all that it takes.

9 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Right..
    What we achieve is dependent on the decisions we take..the every small step.we take towards our goal.
    Stay blessed Gayatri🌹🙏🌹

    1. Yes , decisions make our future. Thankyou🙂 for reading and commenting always , means a lot

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