If I had to , I would have given up long before

Every time those pointers raised as if they were a perfect face.

Each of those comments made for they had nothing useful to create.

Every judgment passed without evaluating their own thoughts.

Each of those advise given without knowing my journey and choices made.

I have seen them at every stop

Those that judge and pass .

But never have I seen them stand up for their own when needed to

Never have I heard of them ,speak good at anyone’s back

Never are they satisfied with their stride.

All they find contentment is criticizing another’s stripe

As if theirs were drawn with perfect lines.

Nor is criticising mine going to make them shine.

5 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. So true..
    Some people just live to pass judgements on anything and everything…who excel just in criticizing others…but opinions have to be given just the attention they deserve…nothing more.
    Stat blessed Gayatri..

    1. Yes , not all opinions , judgment should receive our attention especially those just made to put another down.

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