Learning At Home

mother helping her daughter use a laptop

In current conditions and challenges at health front many a times kids are fully dependent on learning from home , though the online learning has kept them connected with learning certain steps need to be followed to keep this learning stress free both for the learner and the tutor and to continue on a routine basis without loosing interest and touch.

When teaching kids at home , to make learning effortless and engaging , Its important we have some basic techniques to make use of the Childs time without adding to stress of learning.

Planning :Always have a plan ready for every topic and subject . With details that need to revisited , form connections , list of references , sources, activities or examples that can implemented at various times not needing to stick to a boring routine yet getting across. This plan should also include a customized routine plan to work on their weak areas like spellings , math’s stories or reading skills. Have content prepared for learning and revision’s or you can use graphical organizers for easy connections.

Rotation : Rotating topics from different subjects this allows the child to focus on various kinds of content and knowledge, the difference skills required to understand and learn various subjects . Find their ways that suit them best with various process like memorizing , analyzing , categorizing , conceptualize .Rotating helps them to move out from a mindset to another seamlessly helping connect between different subjects use knowledge collaboratively and removes boredom . Rotating is also good for memory as they learn to recall after they have moved from different topics still able to connect concepts leant previously to a particular subject.

Monitoring : Monitoring with young kids its important to keep track of their progress , regularly checking them , reminding them on those areas to work on by monitoring their progress . Highlighting those areas to work on and giving them ample of time and practice till they have understood the error s and learned to work on it. This requires one to at least have dedicated time with the child to observe them closely as they read , solve , practice , comprehend and make inferences. Make sure to have at least 30 min of dedicated time with the child for studying to accomany them to closely observe and monitor those details to help them make progress.

Improving: Increase the bar by one level with each step , everyday introduce them to something new this hasn’t to be a new topic . It can be a new level in their skills like reading , spelling , detailing , summarizing , sequencing , ELA. Help them to look for new angles or analyze the same topic with a new type of question like asking them for perspectives , questions involving emotional intelligence or logical reasoning by letting them find patterns and connections and solve a mixed question from various topics .

Following these points regularly makes learning easy , progressive and insight based which is very much necessary to keep learning stress free and interest based.

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