Those dormant stars

Pigeons staring from far

Unused shoes on the rack

Books with dust and broken specks

Clothes on windows of the shop

Lanterns hanging post festive times

Those stubborn coffee stains on the table

Cobwebs hanging on the wall

So much of inactivity

Showing apathy

Lacking mobility

Carrying inertia of those moving times.

Waiting for a force to push back in action.

Holding energies in potential form

Moving but creating a freeze frame shot

5 thoughts on “Inactivity

  1. There is a time when takiing a step back to just sit and breathe…outwardly inactive but inwardly active is needed….thiss is what helps to find a way forward…
    Stay blessed always Gayatri.

    1. Very true , sometimes this inactivities are due to various other reasons and feels frozen. Then an external force is needed in some.form.

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