Everytime I reach the end

Everytime I reach the end

I am ready to give up on it

I take a breath of calmness

Let the next day bring in the newness

I cant be so sure of the journey

May be its just a stop with a u turn in waiting

I just let the moment pass ,

let my heart decide what it actually needs

Sometimes postpone the trip to the dead end

May be the next day will reveal a new beginning.

Hi friends this poem is about an ending and a new beginning . I won’t be able to actively participate through blogging . some important responsibilities have come up that need immediate attention and lot of my time. I would continue to like and read your posts though commenting wont be possible. Also will drop in only poems now due to limited time restrictions. Thanks for all your support. If you like my poems keep sending ur likes and love.

Also friends there was some setting issue which had create ed problems for many commenting on my site. Pls try commenting now , you may not face the issue.

8 thoughts on “Everytime I reach the end

  1. There is a point in life when we got to.make a decision whether to follow the regular path or take a detour…..the choices are not easy to make but life considerations can be compelling….
    Stay blessed..
    Stay connected Gayatri..

  2. Gayatri, I wish you the best. Of course I will read your poetry. I actually had trouble trying to comment, the link took me to JetPack and I couldn’t log in. Have a safe and great weekend!

    1. Actually many have told me about this , I need to check this issue. Thankyou dear.

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