Not an easy title to settle for

Not something one dreams of.

A connection with the soul

A responsibility to become the whole.

No appreciation or achievements to flaunt

No felicitation or certification to share around.

Every pointer asks of your value

How are you contributing being nothing of value

How should I tell , for you to achieve everything

I got to let go,  being nothing.

What seems like nothing

Is actually a great deal to keep all of it going.

Its not that easy knowing i won’t be recognised for all my doing

Still this is what i want to do with all my heart in it.

I will be at every step you struggle or achieve

I am going to leave behind my footprint in your living.

Somebody has to take it upon themselves

Not everybody lives for their own dreams.

I have continued doing even when all of me wanted to give up on it.

I have stretched to keep your schedules going.

For every effort I take and sacrifice I make

I want you to know it takes a lot in the making.

17 thoughts on “Homemaker

  1. Very well expressed…
    A married lady engaged in a professional job or otherwise remains a homemaker…it is she who makes a house a home…and off course homemaker’s responsibilities are never ending..
    Stay blessed Gayatri..
    Stay blessed always 🙏🌹🙏

    1. Thank you🙂, yes it takes a lot to be a homemaker , though many always question the importance of the role. A lot goes in to stand up everyday for others so that they can have a better day and life.

  2. Nicely expressed! Heart touching one for all homemakers!
    It really does take a lot in making and we still do what we do every day!

  3. wow very beautifully expressed 👏👏❤❤❤
    “How should I tell , for you to achieve everything

    I got to let go, being nothing.” What a line 👏👏👏

  4. Somebody has to do the work to hold it down at home, and those people are true heroes! Thank you for this beautiful poem. I felt it with my whole soul.

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