Being judgmental :

Oh you be aware

We have our eyes on you

We are checking your every move

We will tell you when you dont meet our standards

You be wary , alert and nervous

You should be bothered how well you stand up to our expectations

We are self approved rule makers

We will evaluate and pass you

We know best what is right

Anything on the other side is not right.

If you want to be part of the circle

You need to pass everytime through our critical lens.

But Being judgmental

Doesn’t define ones value.

To have humility and tolerance

Makes judgment have no value.

15 thoughts on “Judgmental

  1. Right..
    Most of us are so judgemental..
    Have our own skewed view of everything and see people through our own narrow lens …why can’t we accept people and things the way they are in their entirety …it is the uniqueness which helps in growth..
    Stay blessed Gayatri..
    You express your mind so well through the medium of poetry.

    1. Yes very true also judgmental people always want to control , poetry lets my thought s flow.thank you🙂.

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