I shared my secrets with you

I thought it was safe with you.

I told you my story

I opened up wholly.

I found the dear friend in you .

And then one day

Something happened to you.

You put my weakness

On display for everyone to see.

You found opportunity

In my vulnerability.

I was hurt

its no more the same now

Every time I speak to you

There is a wall of stones between you and me

Your talks no more connect to me

I no more speak with my heart to you.

Trust broken

Can never be fixed

These are knots

That dont open

A discomfort

A disturbance

A disbelief

Every time I see through you.

People are wrong to believe time helps you get over everything . A broken trust can never be fixed. These are like crushed paper with creases all over , no more the same again.

14 thoughts on “Trust

  1. People thrive on gossip…it is like ‘ breaking news’ …want to be the first one to share…trust is not easy to come by…not many have strong digestive systems .
    Stay blessed Gayatri…

    1. ☺️ thats good one . yes this is someone from whom one trusts the most.
      Thank you for reading and commenting means a lot.

    1. Thank you Sowmya . Yes there is deep wisdom in what i have tried to speak here, its for the reader to connect. I am glad you always connect with that i want to express.

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