My Journal 71. How to stop others opinions affect your views

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Being part of this socializing trend how not to let others views affect your judgment or not let them lead your thoughts or doubt your own views. These should be very carefully evaluated decision because most of the time we want to be part of these social relations that gives a sense of belonging ,at the expense of loosing the freedom to make our decisions to think for ourselves . In the process we give away the power to think for us to them to let them direct or mold us we never would choose to be . It is to preserve ones individuality in the process wanting to be part of this big social game.

Why shoudnt those views matter:

First of all most of them who have views believe they have known a lot and are ready to direct others without understanding a basic logic no matter how good one’s advise or thoughts are, they are of no use to the other unless you have taken an effort to know about their life and journey .

The second are who think their will power has the strength to move everything , they believe in pushing which they term mostly as motivating to get others to follow their ways showing they know best that is for the other .They believe in the will power without understanding something achieved with a push is just plastic .The need for change should be driven from within . This needs time taken to reflect , search for solutions and find the necessity to move , that connects to self than just driven from an outside force.

The third are who find you non complaint or non conforming to their views about life or naturally your thoughts and actions are just the opposite of their choices . Now all they can do is to make you believe that you are on the wrong side or mocking at your ways and approach .They lack tolerance to a large extent once they find you are not getting along or incompatible with them, they begin to express their dislike about you in more aggressive ways .

The fourth are who practice goodwill to show they are at your side , pretending to be knowing all that about you . Just to wait for that one moment when one is unaware or looses guard . Then they reveal their true colors and lead you to believe they have the right answers to all your concerns and indirectly lead you to their views .

This doesn’t mean we don’t take suggestions or another’s viewpoint into consideration . Just that take your time to evaluate those views for yourself . Whether it aligns with your thought process , your ways and are you comfortable only then take it or otherwise damn care about it .

7 thoughts on “My Journal 71. How to stop others opinions affect your views

  1. Right…opinions .. suggestions are always welcome but the decision of what to do with them will always be mine for I only know what I am goiing through and where I want to reach….
    Very well articulated Gayatri.
    Stay blessed 🙏🌹🙏

    1. Yes , wanting to be part of all that game actually makes the line between your views and the others almost invisible . Its important we dont get way too influenced forgetting track of our views .
      Thank you🙂🙏

  2. Second opinions doesn’t necessarily be a good one as one would expect. Unfortunately most of them knock on the door of impossibility!
    You are so right! This post is absolutely relatable!

    1. Very true , its for us to evaluate than take every opinion that comes along . thank you🙂 for reading and commenting means a lot.

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