Paper Boats

To see them float across the streams

Eyes follow them till lost in dreams

And then another to follow its trail

But all of them take their own ways.

A wonder to see paper floating on water

A paper that gets stained with just drops of water

Managed to float in a stream of water

A paper that gets displaced by wind

Now helps it steering.

The shape gave an identity preserving its property

Touching just the surface to go with the flow as the wind blows.

Parenting is giving shape preserving the true nature to face the wind and ocean of life.

17 thoughts on “Paper Boats

    1. Thankyou 🙂, I am glad it brought back a memory , my poems r just simple words with a beautiful message.

      1. Your poems are an absolute delight..
        They might be simple words.. but they are thought provoking, and meaningful in every way!
        Yes they do carry a beautiful message.

      2. Thank you🙂, yes simplicity helps to connect better get right to the point ans easy to understand. Your words mean a lot to me , nice connecting with you.

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