I am with you

We know very less about life on the other side

Still we jump to conclusions.

We beleive we can move all

But these are lives ,

not mountains of rock.

They have had a past

They carry burdens vast.

Give them all the time you have

Stand with them

To let them heal with time

Not judge

Just love them for what they are.

Then thats life

Expectations and Growth

Never ending.

You keep meeting

And that gets you going.


I have learnt .

I will accept you wholly as you are

Without a doubt.

I know life already has challenges a lot.

I will move with you

I will walk in your shoes

Without any expectations of you.

I will stand stronger

To move the waves for you.

Till you are ready to embrace the new you.

Its a blessing to hear

I am with you

I see you.

Its not about always motivating and inspiring sometimes just walk with them …….

20 thoughts on “I am with you

  1. Hi friends pls visit the link for complete poem , the reader doesn’t show updated one.

      1. Thank u Suma , I know even though I interact very less , every like I get from you and leave for u there are vibes that flow.🙂❤️

      2. Yah! I know we are less interacted but we are travelling along here on wp from early days of my blogging I never forget my intial friends who are still n we in my ❤. Hope all is well n stay safe tc Gayatri. Happy the time made us to be n we are interacting now 😇

    1. This means a lot , we always want to change people for a change just walk with them.🙂

  2. True..
    Accepting is the first step towards love…it is acceptance which leads to growth ….
    Expectations kill relationships….
    Beautifully penned Gayatri…
    Stay blessed 🌹🌹🙏

    1. Yes sometimes we dont need advise or motivation , someone who will just sit by your side to see the bird s fly.

    1. Yes we dont need advise sometimes , just a friend who will be there for us in those times.

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