My Journal 70. Creative expressions

creative sculpture representing female face located on sunny street

A few days before i shared a post on my Fb wall of contemporary sculpture artist, it was an amazing collection of creativity .Where a complex sculpture structure was very simply beautifully , artistically achieved with using plain structure of rods and physics that gave it a feel of moving sculpture adding life to space , bringing a uniqueness and lightness never seen before with traditional form of sculpture . I don’t say that traditional form don’t involve creativity but this new form brought in a newness, freshness and a modern yet simple touch to it.

Creativity in expressions is not just in expressing but how well it can be perceived by the receiver , reader or listener or spectator. Something that looks like simple burst of colors on paper or simple structure of bent rods or a poem with asynchronous words is actually more than it seems . This requires one to understand the vision of the creator , the ability to make a simple structure reflect a complex dimension and words that travel between space’s and realms till your imagination can take . So if one perceives or finds it just simple , shallow or lacking detailing has failed to understand the depth in that simplicity . How a complex form can be expressed in the most connectable yet simplest form is what the they fail to perceive.

Let me talk about what i do creatively that’s writing ,Creative Writing is not always about using great jargons or complex vocabulary , its also in the ability to what you want to say but more how you want to say . Yes i equally value creations that use word and vocabulary power in their own unique ways . With communication there comes main 3 parts , what you want to say , how you want to say , how it is perceived . The writer using his creative expressions can do best with how he wants to say that he wants to speak of, there are variations in thought process , rendering , approach , flow everything plays effect . But how its perceived by the reader is totally how well he can travel to depths of those expressions , how well can he decipher those words and intentions, what is that he is focusing on is he looking for language or for the soul .

Yes that’s why a creative writer feels blessed to have a reader who can understand the soul , the depth and the feel in their expressions. The thing with creativity it doesn’t have to be always sophisticated or complex , sometimes the simplest ways are the most difficult ways to express but contains lot of depth and connection though may seem raw to some eyes. As i said for someone a contemporary form of dance may look like just a simple movement of hands and legs very raw , but one who understands and connects to the art knows the depth of expressions it carries, the flow in the body movement and the connection made .

This is the main reason creative expressions are wrongly judged because it doesn’t classify into the defined category or looks very simple to be acceptable as something creative . But if it looks simple its may be a loss of perception , connection and evaluation. Kudos To all those creative writers who express in their unique ways and readers who connect to the soul of expressions . So to appreciate creativity you need to be able to delve into it not just wander in the surface .

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