Growing Together

crop friends stacking hands together

Growing Together

This poem is dedicated to all my blogger friends and special mention to those friends who never gave up one me , who made me realize how important are my words of connections more than my motivating poems and writings, who even after their long breaks would take time to read and respond to all my posts, who share their wise words to add more to my post .

Yes i have spoken a lot in my posts about changes i went through my blogging journey , how i had this imperfection of not being able to connect through comments with my friends here . This problem doesn’t exist just here its everywhere where i am a part of the community . Yes there is a long story behind it . But thanks for waiting for me to grow to have patience till i was discovering my work learning from yours . Till i was strong and prepared to take this next step as i took each of those small steps to change.

This growth has no value
till it grows between all
a growth nurtured by all .
this growth is not that easy to achieve
first a search to find my identity
then to embrace change, to belong to the community
to rise to a level, so that i find myself among you
then a step to connect, for now its my turn to give.
Thank you for waiting till i found it within me
I have been slower in this than you expected of me.
Now i am prepared to take the next step of leap.
Every time i grow you have made your part in it .
I wish to hear more from you
As now i will be leaving from me to you.
I am blessed for accepting me a part of your family.

Now inspired all of this I am going to add a fifth book which will be about the” inner journey “. I dont know the contents but i will sure write on this.

9 thoughts on “Growing Together

  1. Identifying the problem already gets you half way through the solutions, its awesome to see you take action on your realization, keep shining and inspiring

    1. I took one step at a time , and this step took the most time to achieve almost a toughest fight.

      1. Good one , I really like this about your words just right . 🥰❤️

  2. I am inspired by the way you had accepted and addressed all the challenges with courage and conviction Gayathri. Wishing you the best as always

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