Fun with no intended pun

selective focus photo of person holding joker playing card

Such a vain display of character
Fun in mocking at other.
A stage of jester performance
Audience to laugh at
To keep the play going .
What a show of his witful tact’s
To lure the audience.
Lost track of senses
Laughing for fun
At another’s expense.
And we pray for a world with empathy
When there are ones lost in ecstasy.
And after all that , so easy escape
It was all for fun, no pun intended.

5 thoughts on “Fun with no intended pun

  1. Beautiful poem…you have said it right..peope judtvwait for an opportunity to make fun of others ..there is hardly any genuine concern for each other..

    Stay blessed Gayatri… 🙏🙏🌻

    1. Thank you🙂, yes and there are others to accompany as an audience without exercising any responsibly that if they stopped enjoying fun at anothers expense this entire mean show can end.🙏

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