My Journal 67. About Writing

Hi friends today I received the paperback copies of one of my book . It was a wonderful feeling to actually hold it for  all that I have put in so much into.  Its not about the efforts or time . The reason , dedication ,writing about my journey ,lessons , challenges and solutions . Everything that I took upon myself to understand , know and find ways to everything that came up.

More than anything my struggles with my kid to help her through her learning all that I could to help her in those times of difficulties. And today the happiness they had on their faces opening my book .The excitement with which she read the poems and simplicity with which she could connect , I feel I have achieved all that I wanted to.

I am not a literature person coming from an engineering background but I always had passion for writing and education the two things that helped me express and question. My books are as common as I am , something from all that I have seen around , something I have put myself where I have known others have been. I wrote something that I would want my kids to read when they are ready to be on their own.

I will continue to write now more for their smiles and belief in me has grown stronger . I wish I could write about all that they would know to be aware , to motivate , to be the beautiful and confident person they wish to be .I know parenting is not something that can be taught I have to live it for them to know , but if for any reason I miss being the best of me I want them to know I tried all that I could know.

Writing is a beautiful way to express , everybody has their style. I believe in being as simple with words , aware of my tone , controlled emotions so that they dont go extreme . Keeping myself out of it though I write many time putting ‘I’, its many a times for the reader to connect . I dont write to take sides and give advise , its only a simple observation or account of that is there , its for the reader to decide whether it is to be a taken or not into consideration . After all everybody has a unique journey and story .But these are sure to feel good books at least some of it will strike true with some parts of you.

Hey friends links to my book these are a beautiful collection of journals , essays and poems about different facets of life. In my unique style just expressing not advising .Hope you enjoy reading them and please give your heartfelt review .

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16 thoughts on “My Journal 67. About Writing

  1. Congratulations on receiving your paperback copies. Such an awesome experience! I absolutely LOVE the example you are setting for your children! Way to go my friend!!!❤️

    1. Thank you friend , they are the driving force behind everything I do . I dont know how good example I can be , but I want them to know all that I knew along the way.

  2. Congratulations dear. The joy having our own boo6k in hand is a dream come true! I am sure you are overjoyed. 💜❤️ Here is to wish many more success in this journey. Keep up the great work 🤝❤️

  3. Congratulations Gayathri . Those paperback copies are indeed a treasure , and a reward for your parenting journey. Keep up the good work and inspire the readers as always 👍

    1. Thank you Sowmya yes they are a true treasure I didn’t realise till I held them in my hand.thank you for your support and appreciation.🙂🌹

  4. Congratulations…
    Why you write what you write is what matters…it is good you have chosen to share your thoughts and experiences through books…many more will benefit..
    Stay blessed always Gayatri❤️🙏🌹

    1. Very truly spoken , its the least I can do to make my part to where I belong.thank you🙂🙏🌹

    1. Very true Shobana , you know that very well being a published author. Its a wonderful feeling.🙂🌼

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