Changing Times

gray double bell clock

Its a different world than you have seen

Those rules no more work here
Those principles don’t fit here
Those typecast definitions have lost value
Those connections have renewed values.

Its time you embrace
a time that is no more the same
Its a different world , a whole new game.

In these Changing Times
Positions one holds no more define character.
There are many faces to suit different places.
There is a truth on the other side of you hold true.
Even all the truths told cant make up for a lie untold .
Power and positions are used to manipulate perceptions.

Its a changing world , a whole new game.

Breaking those Misconceptions where
Raising concerns is considered an opposition.
Majority is always deemed the right solution.
Always others to blame for difficult conditions.
Freedom is to follow without questions.
Goodness marketed as a worthy qualification.

Its a new world , a whole new game.

Denying the existence of truth
Is accepting and supporting
Lies camouflaged as truth.

Accepting the truth of these changing times

So you are not deceived by your own misconceptions.

3 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. So true ..there is a truth on the other side of what we often think is the ultimate truth…the world has changed..people have changed…manipulations ..lies galore…truth is forgotten..only stories do the rounds..
    Stay blessed, stay safe Gayatri 🙏🌹🙏

    1. Yes it requires breaking of common mindset about things which is no more true. Thank you🙂

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