A death of thousand dreams

A death of thousand dreams
Each day
each one of them pushed
To give up on their childhood
To chase livelihood
To cater to hunger
To prepare for race
To achieve grades
To follow tight schedules
To carry burdens of expectations

those toys lay rest
sky filled with stars no time to gaze.
no more silly talks
no time to see , the dust moving in rays.
no more stories, fragments of imagination.
the innocent smiles lost in maze
forced to be grown before time takes.

Life lived
without times of dreams
in future can never be made.
Is A life incomplete
with an empty space
never to be filled again.
No memories
to smile and relive those days.
No stories
to share those lively tales.
The child within
never to be found again.

Those times ready self
to live life in every facet.
an unending hope in every situation
to enjoy every moment despite challenges
to live carefree without calculations
a creative solution to all problems
seeking answers to unending questions
relations holding no grudges
to believe in the super hero in me
“i am capable of everything i want to be”.

Let them live those times, full of life

time of life never to come again.

Living those thousand dreams that make them today.

3 thoughts on “A death of thousand dreams

  1. Reality of life…the child is always under so much pressure to perform…then under pressure to get into the first job on offer…the life is defined by numbers…how many marks one got…how much salary is one getting ….passions and loves are only fir classroom teaching ..reality is totally different in most cases…
    Let the child grow and achieve what he or she yearns for ..
    Stay blessed ..stay safe Gayatri .🙏🌹🙏

    1. Very truly spoken also a lack of understanding that living childhood in all facets develops a complete individual emotionally strong and resilient . There is more to life than just preparing them for earning. A complete individual can face challenges of life easily and is more stable in relations .🙂🙏

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