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Family time Indoor games

Its very important to play indoor games that bring us together as a family, we have always known of many board games . But there are games based on questions and interactions that can be made fun as well as helps in bringing all members of the family closer .But in such busy life how much do we get to know about each other which is very much necessary to create bonding, as most of the time everybody is tied up with work or chores . There are these simple games where anybody from any age group can participate and it can build stronger connections as we get to know more about our near ones.

Know your family game, each player is handed a paper with boxes or grid . Where in each box is used to answer a question asked and then the next one sequentially in the next box. Every member has a turn to ask question to others about themselves , like their favorite color , food , dress , toy , gift . Or some memories from their enjoyable outing or times spent together or something about a particular member that they like or share . And then all of them can write down the answer or draw it (especially for younger kids) . Then the answer is verified with questioner, Every correct answer gets a point . The one who asked the question should also write down the answer so that they don’t change their mind ( which happens with kids many times). And the one with the most right answers is the winner. Yes the players need to make sure their answers aren’t visible to the other .

Questions to Reflect, here there are different set of questions. Do have a combination of variety of these questions to keep kids engaged in the game and as per their level of interest and knowledge .

  • These could be questions to know about themselves or other members or players their favorite things , memories or describing some events .
  • These could be also imaginary questions about their ambition , dreams , places , role models , superhero , fictions or outer space something about their wishes or they would like to see happen or places or people to visit.
  • These could be set of questions about their take or thought on any subject like the ones asked in competitions to contestants , whether something that they would like to change or something they would do if given control or authority or suggestions they think they would like to implement inside home or in their social surroundings or environment. eg: what is one rule at the dining table you would make all follow .
  • There could be question about their EQ asking them to describe their feeling on a topic or about their day , or an event or scenario they would have been part of and what would they do in a particular situation that involves them or others in a challenging situation.

A dice can be used to pick the set and then the number of the question from the set to answer. To add some twist in between there can be wild card questions that can make one perform some action or say something or enact a scene or another person or gives power to swipe or pick another players questions.

These indoor games are great for developing language , expressions ,thought process and communication . Also it helps to improve ones EQ as they learn to discover oneself and express them clearly and see for others and speak for them too. These games helps us to know our family better as we see them open up about themselves through play and build strong connections by expressing to each other .

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3 thoughts on “Pages from My Life Parenting -19

  1. Right..indoor games are a great family time …. specially the ones which tickle the mind or bring learning with them… unfortunately the mobile and social media is taking over the space and depriving people of the important family time…people interact more with mobiles than they do with each other..
    Stay blessed Gayatri πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ™

    1. Very true there is lack of human touch and interaction very much technology driven , and early years are very much affected by this trend .leading to some serious problems in later life. These small steps we take consciously as part of life or play can help establish this lost connections.
      Thank youπŸ™‚.πŸ™