A collection of my Poems

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Hi friends since its my blog anniversary , i decided to make a collection of my poems these are part of my books too. There are topics from life , emotions , woman , motherhood , humanity , writing , parenting , children i try to speak of varied things through my poems just when words aren’t enough to express those feelings .Hope you enjoy reading them.

19 thoughts on “A collection of my Poems

      1. You are welcome my dear, I am also needed for motivation… I think that some times happens to all of us 😘😘😘❣️❣️❣️

      2. Very true , I will drop in for you too surely. 🥰❣️

      3. Sorry Carla , it was my bad I have this habit of reading and leaving with a like but today I will make sure to write down my words right from my heart , on your beautiful blog . my pleasure .❤️🥰

      4. It is OK, I understand perfectly… Some times we don’t have the necessary time to do everything we want to… Don’t worry about it 😊lots of love and hugs to you my dear 😘😘😘❤️❣️

      5. Thank you for understanding and reading and commenting on my blog really means a lot.🥰🤗

    1. Thank you thats a great compliment, sure more to come every time I discover new from life or from around to speak . 🙂🌹