friends gathering at dinner in night garden and chatting

Many a times we are in a situation either within our families or in social surrounding we are trying to resolve issues , make relations better , raise concerns , work on persistent problems. This requires one to have a proper discussion to address or solve these issues so as to maintain the peace in both relations and environment. Because something that is not discussed at the right time in the right way , actually leads to building up that may take a bigger form leading to irreversible consequences. Its always healthy and the right choice to go for discussions to solve the most difficult problems but this needs a lot of mental preparation and a proper participation of all involved to make sure to arrive at proper results.

Conducting successful discussion :

1.Finding and preparing the right words to express and form concerns.
2.Backing it with past examples or incidence of occurrence or similar situations
3.Clearly defining the problem without confusing between the source , cause and effect.
4.Dissecting the problem so that two different problems are handled differently , it does not complicate an an issue.
5.Avoid blaming or pointing especially if the need is to resolve to avoid ego clashes.
6.Assurance to the listener they are in no way disrespected or there is no intention to hurt emotions .
7.Aggreing to respect the others point of view even if it that’s not what one feels correct and taking turn to clarify if any discrepancy.
8.Lies and disrespectful words shouldn’t be tolerated and firm stand to be taken to avoid any escalation.
9.Final outcome to be cleared if it defines any boundary , reason or steps to all involved rather than waiting for more repeated situations to occur.

  1. Focus should be on the benefit of all and not biased or driven by emotional reaction .
  2. If the discussion tends to go only in one direction or is leading only one side, intervention should be made to highlight the other side also.
  3. Any kind of losses should be taken care of without ignoring their importance . Steps taken to solve any more grievance like emotional , physical or mental peace from reoccurring in future.

Though these points enable us to have successful discussion at the most it needs to be fair, there should be space for everybody to keep their viewpoint irrespective for their positions or power , there should be no bias or predetermined results or already decided decisions which totally nullifies the reason to have discussion . A discussion conducted in a right manner with proper mindset and rules solves many issues from reoccurring and solves them at their initial levels to avoid any colossal damages in future .