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Affirmation for kids does wonders when practiced regularly as their parents help them feel good , strong and confident about themselves . It has immense power at that age where we are shaping their mindset about themselves and as they are working on their various challenges . These are positive statements or messages they say to themselves to believe in self to build self esteem , confidence and kindness through self talk. Its important what we speak to ourselves, is how we think of ourself within . Its important to repeat and feed ourselves with positive messages to believe to be able to gather the strength to go and face it or do it , because most of the time its just that one needed step to get going. Most of the time the fear of doubts or failures or continuous failed attempts makes one to think they can never make it , which is actually not true only a change in attitude and approach to find the right way through it is important . Sometimes it may need time to work on it or find the right way as one finds 100 different ways that turned out be wrong . To keep going through such times we all need affirmations to see the positive side and believing we will make it.

So is with kids . Let me tell you a story its raining time now and we see insects already crawling on windows . And just then i saw a lizard on the bathroom window , as i pointed it out to my younger one she started to cry just at the sight of it , not only that she made sure not to even look at that side of the window , trying to close her eyes or keep her head down . I realized this soon , first i helped calm her talking her out how it is the same thing she has seen in her books and it on the outer side and is going to do no harm to her . She was brave enough to let go and control her emotions , but like the fear had not gone she refused to see the insect ,the sight of it was itself frightening for her .I told her how she is a brave girl and she can look at it to know and see how it looks and crawls . Also she shouldn’t be scared of insects as most of the time they run away being scared of us . For sometime she did listen to me , though i let her take her time . She came back to see in the window how the lizard was , this time she wanted to show me she had conquered her fears and was able to look at the insect from a safe distance without getting scared .

So is the power of affirmations they help us face our negative thoughts , fears and know the power in us to win over them .

My other daughter was too sensitive and emotional when she was young even at the slightest she would have a break down or continue crying for long . I did comfort her in those times , but as she grew, i helped her fight this outburst on her own for every small thing . I let her know how its ok to feel what she is feeling but she need not sink into it and let it go after a while . I would tell her if she keeps feeling bad about it she would keep crying , why not just try changing it or learn from it , it may take more attempts to get better control . I let her speak to herself positively that its ok to make mistakes , but she can try again for the next time to overcome it . She would not find courage even to try and would give up before trying , i would tell her to give it a try and speak to herself that she can do it , and even if it goes wrong we will know what wasn’t right and wont have to repeat it .

I too use affirmations in my daily life with my kids and parenting. I know there are time i think i am not doing my best or wont be able to much better . But then i be kind to myself , remind how i have made progress though in smaller steps . i would need more time with self and kids , may be there are others ways i could think or search for if its not working the way i am trying now. I make sure not over do , pressurize or stress myself by affirming myself it ok take time out for self , for self care and i am trying though i may not be perfect or knowing all i will try finding my ways out .

These affirmations could be from anything to practicing , self love , build bravery , resilience, confidence, facing and respecting ones emotions, motivation – I can ; teaching healthy boundaries – to be able to accept ones boundaries and needs , feel safe and able to say it ; building inner strength – to know and accept ones uniqueness and value it , practicing kindness – through small acts around , to know how good it is to be kind; being calm – not worrying , accepting self , let go ; being body positive.

You can help build this positivity in your kids by highlighting things about them and appreciating them how they have been doing good and working on themselves . You could tell them about how they have worked hard and have got accomplishments , positively affirm them they do have the potential and will surely achieve , how they are making effort and you have observed the difference or appreciate their efforts, a positive trait with their siblings or around home like being helpful or caring . Also if they are taking a step on their own to make others feel good or something for another with a good intention or act of kindness make sure to appreciate that too.

Affirmation helps them believe in goodness the more it is appreciated and observed , raise their confidence and work on themselves also fight their fears .We all do need affirmations in some form or the other to break those negative patterns of thoughts or fears that hold us back and help gain better control over ourselves as we are working progressively towards bettering ourselves.

10 thoughts on “Affirmations

    1. Yes they are truly important in parenting and child development as it becomes their voice within for their future .

  1. Truly it is! Whenever I complimented a kiddo randomly on the streets or coffee shops, I could see their whole beings growing like a beautiful flower 🌸πŸ₯°πŸ˜„ !

    1. Very true , if they repeatedly self talk positive statements by hearing good about themselves it build confidence and strength in them also a good feeling about themselves.

      1. This helps them believe in the power of kindness and they learn to value the kindness within them.

  2. Good parenting is about helping the child to find his or her own path and not showing the path…. unfortunately, most of us believe in dictating and directing instead of just coaching…we help negativity to get ingrained in a child’s mind through our acts of comparison and anger…come to think of it most of the time the parents keep telling a child what not to do instead of encouraging him to do what he wants…The parents got to change to change the child..
    Stay blessed Gayatri..πŸ™πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ™

    1. Truly spoken we need to affirmative and very conscious of how we speak to them , it becomes their inner voice for many years to come.We should practice affirmation and help them do so to break any negative thinking pattern they may have. Thankyou πŸ™‚