Writer’s Block

scattered letter blocks

The dreaded monster
I have heard a lot about it
But was sure
I was never going to see it.

Its finally here for me to face it.
Its been a while now
I even thought to drop out.
There is an urge
Mind filled with thoughts.
But like something has robbed me of words
Unable to stitch them together.
As if something blocking my connection
a foggy interception.

Unable to get them on to paper
Its really not easy.
I don’t know where exactly to work on it ?
What is it that is keeping me away
from my dearest feeling?
I am still trying
As a friend said
you get hit to keep creating .
Just a wish i never stop writing
For now its more like breathing.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

Hi friends just read a beautiful post on this , as i was working on the same what a coincidence. I wanted to share it in my words , something i have been dealing for sometime now . I even had written a post a week ago of giving up on writing but luckily i could write something. Though its not taken over completely but i keep getting this phase of it . If you have suggestions do let me know. Or send me your positivity to keep going.

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

      1. Yes , very true , I do have ideas and thoughts but an unexplainable block to let it flow now.

      2. Dont know I will try my best but if it finally strikes I will be on an indefinite break.

    1. i have been there once lasted for 2 and half months, this time i wish it doesn’t come back , i already have this feeling. But your words keep ringing.

  1. Every writer will go through this at sometime!! But this doesn’t last forever…. so worry not about the writer’s block, go on hiatus if needed. May be that will help and heal you and you can start all fresh again. ❤️❤️

    1. True , I was almost going to go but then got struck by something so was back here , lets see till I am able to make it in a flow , if not I will know its time. Thankyou for your positive words makes me less worried now.😊❤️

  2. A phase comes in life when feels stuck…find it difficult to take a step forward….it is all in the mind…when you are not able to express your thoughts on paper…when your writing doesn’t bring satisfaction to your mind…breaks do help at such junctions…rather than forced exoression …mind will never imagining ..creativity cannot be taken away…it is just that novelty goes missing..
    Breaks are good..but should not be too long…just step back and let the mind be free…the thoughts will flow again..
    Stay blessed Gayatri..🙏🙏🌹🌹

    1. Very true , I dont have to take a break it will happen on its own when I just wont be able to write , its like it just remains an idea but doesn’t want to be on paper anymore . true we cant force writing it flows and if it doesn’t ita time to renew and take a break . I will try coming up with something new that will keep me motivated may be. 🙂🙏 Thank you.