Walking Between the Lines

low angle photo grayscale of person tightrope walking

Walking between the Lines

A part of me here
And a part of me there
Then I choose a side.
Masking one half of me
Embracing all on the other side.

After sometime
back to the other half.
Trying to live those
missed parts of my time.

This keeps on and on
Switching between sides.
Its always the other part
wanting to take over.
As i stand across
Wishing to be on the other.

I have grown wise.

I know I cant choose
to be on just one side
I have learnt
to walk between the lines.

Maintaining the balance
Not having to face
the extremes every time.

I am the one who decides
And takes control
Accepting me as a whole
Not letting extremes ruin my life.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Walking Between the Lines

  1. Very well expressed Gayatri…so true..most of us go through this dillema in life…what to be..whom to be with..it is always to be just you..not easy but worth it ..