Words have great power

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Words have great power

A word here and there
And means something else altogether
Using it just right
when you want to make it clear
Putting in a way
that doesn’t mean to hurt other
Giving it just the right details
So that it strikes the center
Some of it woven with your heart
Sometimes just as a crystal clear thought
Some backed with facts

Use words with care
Sometimes to express
Sometimes explain your acts
Sometimes to comfort
Sometimes a true mirror
Sometimes to guide

Words overheard
Words spoken in ears
Words behind you
Words from above you
Words to instill
Words to Fulfil

These words make and break relation
Not all can take words meant for correction
Use them not for just reaction
Respond with clear mention and calm intention

Words need to be sorted out
When taken out of context for.
Sometimes it is not what is spoken
But what is heard makes the difference.
Not all can take the same words
With the same value.
Its always weighed in terms of
our equations and positions we carry.
Sometimes their minds can play tricks
Words seem what they never mean.

Words have great power
if its crystal clear
Giving it the right texture
facts and records handed
highlighting the purpose
Not intended to strike
But deal better

Words have great power
to change the course of History
see for a future
not repeating the faults of predecessors.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Words have great power

  1. Yes…words have to be used with care…the tone n toner in which they are used itself changes the meaning…once spoken cannot be withdrawn…better be careful than to be sorry..
    Well said Gayatri..🙏🙏🌹🌹🙏🙏

    1. Yes words have power to change above all. Its all a game of words. Words marked in history serve direction to mankind.

      1. Thank you for valuable thoughts always . I am great ful to have a reader like you makes my words more meaningful. 🙏🙂🌼

      2. You are welcome Gayatri..
        As long as you write good content..you will get meaningful response too…it is all on you 😊😊..

      3. I will try my best , i write what connects to my heart if it connects to others its great . I feel my words have spoken for others too.