grey elephant near green trees


Great achievements,
trophies and medals.
a proof of your mettles.
you have made a place
worthy of accolades
a point to celebrate.


Your skills have reached true value
As they reach to influence more
To help them achieve what you have mastered.

The greatest happiness comes from
seeing another find the inspiration in you.
Able to share your art and skills
to see them achieve heights greater than you.
See your self sparkle in another’s dreams .
As your craft lives more than a lifetime
In each of their lives fulfilling.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Influence

      1. A continuous learning spirit builds us wise and strong with the time.

        Study for exams and you’ll get marks printed on the paper. Gain skills and art, they’ll follow you forever.

      2. True there is no replacement to hard work , but there comes a time we are never enough alone we all need guidance and support.

      3. Yes. Thanks to my teachers, friends and family. I mother suported my education. Without her support it is impossible to reach here, today.

      4. You are blessed to have received such strength and support now you can be the support for many to come.