Sensory Play

It is important to introduce sensory play through various activities , objects or games around . As it has many advantages and plays an important role in the development of various skills. It is allowing the kids to explore the world around them through various senses like touch , smell , hearing and sight . Also it builds nerve connections, develop motor skills both gross and fine with better control as they perform tasks, language development as they learn about various vocabulary and topics also about their feelings , it promotes mindfulness and helps to calm down children.

These different sensory experience through play helps them to focus on their senses when trying to explore while playing , helps in developing scientific thinking , problem solving and creativity , they learn to experience various kinds of textures , smells , sight and try to understand and identify them. It also develops body awareness and balance.

Now with kids more in restricted environment sensory plays are very important especially for younger kids . Any basic game that involves objects from around or from the kitchen or trying to make various crafts or activities like using crushed paper , making bead necklace , using basic objects like pom-pom or sequences to decorate .Either developing using creativity or following a set of instructions or answering a set of questions related to the objects. Cooking seeing the change in texture and observing the effects of temperature or trying out a salad decoration .Collecting various objects from around to make a box or bin of different items and help them recognize through touch, smell or sight . Help them inquire and question to develop their language skills like how does it feel , what does it look like , how does it taste or smell , this helps them to add description in their speech and language development. Create some sensory relaxing objects like glitter bottle or a hangings umbrella with various decorations and lighting. Let them play or create music either with instruments or toys or objects around its a good stress buster .Kinetic sand , play doh and bubbles helps them to relax and use their creativity and imagination . A sensory tub with objects around from nature like leaves rocks , flowers , seeds, shells , feathers. Let them explore how objects behave under various conditions , change in their properties with respect to water , gravity or temperature . These helps in developing questions and experimentation through various hypothesis. Using their own toys puzzles , blocks with a twist incorporating sensory play like repeating colour schemes , organising in order or using touch to solve puzzles recognising properties through touch like shape and size.

Its through this exploration and hands on they learn to develop scientific thinking as they see changes in form , effect of various factors , using problem solving , learning about balance and properties of objects , better motor skills and control also more body awareness. These could be basic activities from our daily life around , to objects from food to things around from nature or customized play with items collected to experience different properties through their senses.