Using the Right Language

mother helping her daughter with her homework

Whether for academics , helping kids work on their difficult areas , trying to explain them about diversity or complexity from topics around , reading or communicating , exchanging and listening to them its very important to use language with right words , details in a manner they understand and can connect , even with asking the right questions.

Many a times while we are trying to communicate or teach them about various general topics we tend to speak with details or ideas they might not connect easily and they find it difficult to make sense and have even more questions . Its important to give them open ways of communication which is only possible if we try to know their level of understanding , language and vocabulary to get across . These are commonly based on their age , exposure and language abilities .

Socially : When discussing about topics from relations or topics around the globe . Use specific details in a concise manner to help them understand about it . Using examples or stories to help them formulate behavior and ethics or through examples of personalities work better. Topics like environment , geography , health or social issues can be introduced with right set of words and giving them the background details according to their level . Use specific words or terms and repetition in smaller phrases and sentences . With peers help them model a good language skills using the right words to express and label their feelings , explaining their side of the story , mediating and negotiating , clearing misconceptions about thoughts or ideas and respecting differences .Thus helps kids equip With the right language skills to make a complete communication.

Academics: The advantage of home learning is the ability to teach kids those topics in a language with vocabulary they connect and understand better easily . Many a times these topics or questions need to be translated to help them get to the right meaning of the question being asked . Its important develop an approach to be able to understand the question and different angles in which they can be asked .What is exactly required of the question or what it means . Differences between concepts and usage should be made clear with right set of words that define a concept to form sentences.

Reading : Reading from various sources like magazines , stories , or news . Thus giving them exposure to different types of contents and language used whether factual , creative or stories . Helping them understand the language , drawing conclusion , making inferences , summarizing through reading and comprehension . This helps in developing and improving their language skills and abilities and build confident independent readers.

In the process asking open ended and indirect questions to help them give response . Thus using the right language and words to establish, develop and model good communication with children.

3 thoughts on “Using the Right Language

  1. True.. Language and culture have s manor role to play in learning…use of lucid ,easy to understand language makes understanding easier…
    Well explained Gayathri..
    Stay blessed πŸ™πŸ˜‡

    1. Yes very true this gap between our language and their understanding ability needs to bridged to make learning more meaningful. thankyou for valuable comments I really like you adding more to my perspective in turn I learn a lot even through your comments.