My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

Most of the time when people reach from nowhere to somewhere. They take pride and boast about their journey and achievements . Not only that , to show their value and importance they would look down or put down everyone else less or make sure to undermine others value to maintain their importance. That is no mark of achievement, actually who has endured his way to a position knows every point has its value and everybody has a place to fill.
Not everything one does , no matter how great be their achievements , it still has its limitation nor can it serve purpose for all. There will always be more than ways one knows of , no matter how proven or perfect it may be . Its equally important to respect your journey at the same time know every other journey is not going to be the same but is equally valuable.
In our society to practice humility and tolerance its very important to understand the greatest lesson nature teach us of ecological balance and ecological niche , everything small and big , visible or invisible , known or unknown is working to serve its purpose to maintain balance and the other cannot replace their part . Every species has their position and role including its use of resources, and relationships with other species. So its important to respect and value even the smallest of contribution that may seem nothing or negligible to ones standards or thoughts , is doing their most important role to maintain the balance.
Sometimes these small act or roles are laughed upon or looked down on as nothing, but they mean a lot to some and make great difference to their lives . Also there will always be places or roles one can never fill due to restriction and limitations placed upon self due to various factors , these roles are fulfilled by the others . In short there is dependency on these smallest or invisible acts , works which effects our life or strengthen those areas where we could never reach . Sometimes these are those roles without their support no great roles would have reached their goals.
Its not right to label something just because it seems less of value to ones interest or mental abilities or otherwise . Finally the intention and dedication matters. Next time you find a someone’s contribution or work less valuable remember everybody has a place and we need to respect that because its more than what it seems to us. if not at least make an effort not to look down on them.

7 thoughts on “My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

    1. Yes we need to accept that , to keep the balance and mutual respect. Thank you for your valuable words.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‚

    1. So true Sowmya , thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts . Yes every roles is important and should be valued that’s what nature teaches us .