blue red and yellow electric wires

I dont feel like writing
with so much chaos around.
With challenges on personal ground.
So much of confusion
A fear of the unknown.
No answers to problems blown.

I don’t know me writing
now does it make a difference.
A thought always back of my head
Whenever i sit to write.

I just write with a hope
It is to fool my heart
everything is fine.
To keep the next day going
I have to complete my routine.

writing helps me distract my attention.
talk of all that my life has mention.
for a moment i am away from current situation.
Wandering in past or seeking a solution.
An effort to alleviate this complex condition.

I don’t know should I write.
But I will till it connects
Even to a single heart .
To know we share something
In these times.
To keep the days going
with a hope coming.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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