My Journal 61. Generalized

herd of sheep on farm in dirt near fence

A very common thing followed is bracketing everything or generalizing opinions based on gender , positions , professions , relations, culture , beliefs . Which is very not right, though these are widely accepted and forms part of our back thinking too. There is a kind of following to certain professions , certain characteristics or nature attached to genders , some relations receive importance just based on their position and are never questioned , cultural and belief related mindsets are very common . The problem with this generalization is that its within this mindset , there exists a challenge to accept anything that may not be within the brackets but is very true and exists in opposition to this generalized norms or thoughts. This becomes impossible to even raise , talk or even bring to light anything that is against this generalized mindset which is of majority .

Its really difficult if we try to break from these stereotype thinking but its beyond this generalized thoughts we can achieve higher order thinking to form unbiased opinions , learning to read or see beyond what we think we know. We learn not to be very stubborn or rigid with our viewpoints and know there is always the other side or somethings that don’t fall in the norm and generalized idea but are equally true . We develop this thinking of stereotyping from a very young age when we learn to differentiate , choose people and relations in our lives , but then its very much influenced by what we have been told . As we build our experiences and horizon as we learn to break these stereotype thinking.

Not only that the more we learn to be less generalized we realize we don’t look and perceive things with a single lens this helps us to openly think form different angles , understand more than we know , rather than believing only what one knows to be the complete or final truth. This makes us not easily influenceable , be empathetic , not bound to following stereotypes or following the herd. It gives a sense of freedom that comes from knowing just because majority follow or believe in something its doesn’t have to be right all the time , we are free and can choose what’s right no matter if its on the other side of all .

A very simple story of my life when i chose to be a homemaker with a very conscious decision and reasons very clear , Not only that even with my other roles as writer or blogger , my first preference goes to being a homemaker . I find myself complete that way , it gives me the strength to achieve in every other areas . When i took this decision i was very much advised and looked down upon taking the decision . Not only that with people around and near ones it didn’t go that well, they thought it would be a waste of my knowledge which could be worthy to earn . Not only that when i took up to be one it was start from zero , I lacked many skills and experience but with same attitude and learning i always had i kept going for it . People easily termed me as ” housewife” or would be looked upon by a common belief of the woman in the house . That really didn’t matter nor did i make effort to change their thoughts because i knew it was not for me , it was a generalized mindset they had and wouldn’t be that easy to break from . Same happens with many people in many different challenges and scenarios in life and most of the time its this generalized or stereotype thinking that puts the pressure and wins . Make a choice you feel right and proudly follow it no matter what the generalized mindset is.