No more love

Why does it feel always like a memo

To even get across to you.

Why do you stare at screens

Even when I am speaking to you.

Why dont you understand

When I say I need a break.

Why do you open accounts

To show how much you do.

Why cant we just speak and sort

And not just cut off.

I am trying really hard

Wish you could see .

It looks like I am at fault

Expecting something that never was.

But then I am not giving in

I will do all that is in my reach.

Sometimes more than I can give.

Knowing its no more love.

Not looking for you to change

Doing because I wont change.

I will do for all that i have taken up for

No matter love or not.

Will make sure

All of this keeps going for them ,

Will not let them go through for no fault of theirs.

I wish I keep going hoping for all

No matter love or not.

This is a fiction of how relations are changing and their impact within family. May be technology , changing equations , financial burdens or programmed life. Its a very common situation and very accepted part of the soceity. Not much effort to change this scenario which very much effects the happiness within a family.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “No more love

  1. Wow this has all my ❤❤❤
    How things change !!! From fairytale Loveland to stuck in a bad marriage phase !!!! Honestly marriage scares me …… its maybe because I am 21 right now, don’t have understanding of many things but still marriage is scary

    1. Oh I didn’t mean to scare , but yes times are changing lines of communication are totally missing . yes marriage comes with a lot of responsibility and its not one persons’s job alone to keep it going. Take a conscious decisions , when u do and keep working on it , thats how life is . But if ur happy alone that too is your choice and always right.

    2. I have had many women speaking of this to me as i meet them around and going through difficult mental phase , sometimes it gets really bad , and still no reason or solution found .