Oh Mother

mother and daughter on grass

Oh Mother
I wish you could see
how strong I have become.
I deal with all on my own.
I don’t cry over any pain.
I have learnt to do it all alone.
I am now a mother too.

I know how much you have been through,
But i am going to be a different one.
This time i will let my kids have fun.
Responsibilities can wait till they are grown.
I will tell them its ok to cry.
I will let them feel the way they want.
I will be there for they will feel strong.
I am going to make new rules for a new world around.

Oh mother I really missed ,
your hug and loving words.
I would have been healed and more stronger.
But I know you had your heart .
And I am going to carry that all along.
See me become the beautiful mother in you.
I wish you were here to see me too.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Oh Mother

  1. Loved the line ‘ see me become the beautiful mother in you’ ❤️🥳. Some celebration days are nightmares for the selected few, but the world doesn’t define us.
    Send lots of love💕🥰