My Journal 60 . Nullifying

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Remember those times from childhood when you go to complain to teacher or parent about another , and after sometimes the other comes up with a claim you were the one who actually made it happen or are lying about the incident and your complaint is nullified . It becomes difficult to prove how the other is making up stories or just trying to diffuse or negate the actual trouble caused . There is an advantage of this, the third person now is in question how to pass judgment or take an action . At this point sometimes both appear to be at fault and receive equal charge. Or it just ends up both pointing out at each other with no final call.

Its very much situations around nowadays its just pointing one another , and if there is a real issue the other is nullifying the the real issues, coming up with their own versions of another story . It s kind of confusing situation which side of the story to hear at all , at a point both seem correct putting up their versions and at a point both seem wrong in their places . This wont work catching the wrong or solving the issue instead its like a ball just being tossed between courts with no end results . In the process sometimes both the sides have made their benefit while they are still pointing at one another. This works like in the monkey in middle situation where both sides just keep passing and the monkey is wondering which one is going to come to me.

The problem is the real victim looses out as his pleas are not heard but also an attempt to make his concerns cancelled out putting up another stance or a story just the opposite of it . This another main reason people give up on fighting not because they lack courage most of it lost in keeping the fight valid when the other is trying to prove it totally invalid or untrue. Not only that sometimes its a fire back to the actual complainant if the other is successful in proving their version of story right. Which is really not difficult under influence of power and position. Sometimes building the feel good factor or establishing a relation of trust with stories fed always work in the side of their benefits.

Also nowadays instead of solving actual issues there is this tactic people nullify the problem itself as if non existent . This makes the issue more worse taking off all focus from it as if its some rumour or planted story for smear campaign or gaining popularity through wrong means. Now it becomes impossible to search whether the problem actually existed and if it did , it was nullified even before questioned. This strategy is very much in use today where using strength and power the problem is nullified and denied an existence and becomes a challenge to the person who have highlighted the problem and sometimes even pays for it. This happens every where around us in our lives socially , realations or professionally in issues that involves fight between lower and higher power with great back support.

Most of the battles are lost and not fought not because one lacks courage or doesn’t want to stand for right , there is this nullifying effect which works so easily making it another fight to prove the situation . It becomes difficult to stand up against a fabricated new story or lies which one is totally unaware of and very much backed by strong forces or loop holes in the system . The best is we choose our battles wisely , have our preparations and details handy, never take the other for granted they too are prepared with their versions , be careful in taking sides and coming up with conclusions or easily influenced. The more one is aware , is ready a step ahead and is careful with ones steps the chances are more to get your side right. Because its not about just being right or on the wrong side , its very easy to show to the third the other is always on the wrong side . And it totally depends on the capability , maturity and judgment of the third to actually find the truth.