My Journal 59. Good to be Ok

My writing are sometimes ok , sometimes good . This is my own evaluation of my work as I relook . Yes the intention and thought behind each is clear, the difference is in the rendering depending on conditions differ.

But one thing for sure i like the ok ones equally to the good ones .Its these ok ones that make the good ones good. I dont change or rewrite them to look better. They have their place, message conveyed . They make me work for better , remind me of those times and lines I could have thought better .But then it was a flow I didn’t want to hinder.

It makes me feel good to be ok sometimes , I dont have to be the perfect everytime. Sometimes they just need to flow before they get lost in finding those correct notes . I wish I could have done better but it will be better everytime. That doesn’t mean the ok ones dont have place in mine . They tell me how you accept me with grace even when i write fine. The good ones remind me I am trying for better. Its good to be Ok sometimes.