diya burning on table in darkness


There are times
I am at the end of my
wit and strength.
I have tried all that
from my box of gems.
I have put in all till my
last drop of breath.
I have not much ,
time a crucial element.

After all my efforts, Still when nothing moves
Now i know to submit to the One.

For I have done my part
Acknowledging there is more beyond than that i am .
Now I let the light take over and guide me.

I keep a promise to do my part .
But there will always be all that ,
I still not know much about.
I have no control over all .
I cant reach despite all .

No matter how perfect ,
how planned ,
how detailed ,
I seek.
I still will be limited
to my nooks of visibility .
When such times arise
I will submit to Thee
To be my guide ,see me through the light.

I will keep fulfilling my part,

Knowing there will be times
I alone, wont be enough
Then will submit to you
To steer me through
those rocky paths.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.