woman in white and red floral dress standing on green grass field

When no more left in you.
Have responsibility ahead of you.
Lives dependent on you .
Storms that shook you.

Out on ones feet.

And you,
don’t have much to complain.
nobody to entertain.
work alone stands main.

To continue,
You block those
pain receptors in brain.
They no more feel,
no more react
no more ask.
Everything turns numb
to keep the show going,
inside everything feels like nothing.

When turned Numb
Not speaking a word within.
Not owning ones own feelings.
Let gone of those reasonings.
Just moving as the wind is pushing.

Don’t let them turn Numb,

Its very human
To Let out those feelings.
Helps in healing.
Acknowledge their being.
Lend an ear to relieve.
Don’t shut them to no more grieve.

Its ok to feel ,what one feels.
Give voice to those struggles.
Help release those bottles .

Wish no one ever turns numb
It’s in this inability to feel
Great monsters are built.

Copyright Β© 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Numb

    1. Thank you Srikanth , I am glad you liked the poem , i wanted to write about it from long finally found words.🌼

      1. Yeah Gayathri ! Writing a poem needs a proper mindset and peaceful surroundings, that’s why I choose the late nights to write !

      2. Yes very true , they say poem is more of a mindset.

    2. You too write excellent poetry , I really like reading those expressions and emotions so beautifully put together.