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People make friends for different reasons and choose friends over varied reasons.

Some friendship last life long ,some as long as you work along.

Some make friends whom they carry along , some make friends they can share all about .

Some friends for benefits , some friends mean business .

Some friends who never let you down . Some change you to get along and Some accept you just the way you are.

Some because they need somebody to hangout. Some because you fit the picture and Some to guide you when you dither.

Some friends to hold you when you fall, Some friends so that you stand tall.

Some friends who admire you , some friends who are just opposite of you.

Lovely and blessed are those friendships. They accept you for what you are . They know you more than you know who you are. They know you well inside out and read your every thought. They known even before you have spoken . They preserve you in the purest form. They guide you and stand by your side never judge you in a moment of time. Their belief in you is greater than your own conscience. They who don’t speak all along but know the silence in your sound.

A Friend is a beautiful relation above all . No expectations , nor rules attached , no bindings , no transactions involved . They make you feel the better person you always want to be, with them around. Treasured are those friends who will stand by you , even when the world is on the other end. Best are the friends who will be there for you and cheer you when you are no one. If you have any of these friend you are the most blessed in this universe , count each of those blessings and give them a shout out .

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