My Journal 58. Power of positivity

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Do not underestimate the power of positivity in current times . This power in you has the strength to make miracles for self and others around . I believe in this power of positivity, though it may be a part of pseudoscience. Positivity can make great miracles, especially positivity radiated by the community at large, has the power to bring in effects with strength manifolds to manifest good in the world around us . Its like a invisible energy that travels through words , intentions , touch , connectivity with the sole power of using our inner strength to add to positivity in living around us.

Few days before i had posted about my little tomato plant , i received lot of positivity , support and strength here . Looks like these positivity were right from their hearts and effects begin to show . After really long time i have more saplings in my pots and my plant for the first time has grown some more tomatoes . I believed faith was all that was enough and another lesson learnt power of our positivity is no less- to feel for another , to wish for another’s well being , to connect with love for others . ‘

In current times we all are going through something tough , to share and feel positive for one another is the greatest help we can do for mankind . The power of positivity is so strong it can also transform negativity in others and force them to be part of this positivity, to bring in change around them . This is the main reason despite many troubles , challenges and issues at personal front , i keep writing and with the only intent to spread positivity from my side . I make that extra effort to bring in positivity from all ways whether discussing , sharing thoughts , ideas through my writings without letting any negativity reflect through them . And i am happy in times i needed the most i got back the positivity from where i had tried to give mine.

Keep sending your positivity and use the power of your positivity to make these times better for all around you even those miles away with your power of words and thoughts . I will keep doing my bit to add to this positivity . Thank you dear friends and readers for all your love .💖🥰🤗

2 thoughts on “My Journal 58. Power of positivity

  1. Oh thank you , yes we all need it now .a lot of positivity to u from me.❤️🤗

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