Not Just Expressing

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Not Just Expressing

Its not just expressing.
It may look that simple ,
very natural and easy,
but very aware
chosen with care
build with probe
questions to explore .

Sometimes writing seeing the self in
Sometimes seeing for others have been.
They speak more than what they seem
depends on the depth you can swim.
They can be your friend
as much as they are mine
In those times.
Sometimes living those expressions
Lost in the moment of time.

They Just don’t express
Exactly what’s up in there.
An effort taken
to search the other ends.
In the process
seek to know more ,
As you express aware ,
give it warmth and care.
Nourish it with positivity,
and see for all humanity .
For words have the power,
to change lives
for eternity.

It resonates within the universe
every word you express here.
Let it invoke thousands more
in a direction ,
where there is harmony.
Not to provoke
thoughts against tranquility.

I may not be an artist
My words may look uncrafted.
But they are mine
a connection with divine.
Flowing right from my heart
without any sparkle or shine.
If they
comfort you
reassure you
And strengthen you
in those times .
And even in one heart
if it sparks a shine.
My work has received its worthy point .

They are more than just expressing
They are aware and build with care for a beautiful living.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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