My Journal 56. Mutual Admiration and Respect

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Its very important to respect and appreciate each other mutually in any relation to keep respectful views from both sides, value your differences , respect for the relation, commitment to the relation , public display of appreciation for another despite any conflicts. Being a writer i admire my readers for their ability to see through my writings to feel the soul in it , i too feel good when admired by my readers it gives me confidence and a commitment to write more as i respect them as a reader . Same is with relations and partners , no matter what phase you are going through in life learn to admire each others work also don’t hold back from speaking or appreciating in front of others . There are many reasons to this first it develops strong relations beyond just ties , bond of respect , trust , conduct . This mutual admiration gets you respect from others too as they see you respect each others work, being partners and couples . You make an impact breaking cultural barriers and ego barriers that bestows only the man to be appreciated and admired for achievements. Mutual admiration is good between oppositions or rivals to keep that healthy competition or learning from another , its keeps check of ones pride and builds tolerance.

Mutual respect is needed in workplace , relations , community to reduce stress , avoid conflicts , build communication , keep peace . Yes there is need of mutual respect and tolerance in faith and beliefs. Mutual respect and tolerance for different faiths and beliefs and also for who don’t believe. Mutual respect is understanding that we all don’t share the same beliefs and values. Respecting the values, ideas and beliefs of others and not imposing our own on others. Not expecting everybody to follow your ways but respect mutually each others ways than try to prove the other less or wrong . Mutually respect each other through your conduct in a relation , keeping your partners needs and wants and their opinion when making decisions. Establishing mutual respect in classrooms help to create an environment for motivated , safe learning , establishing fair rules, modelling respectful behavior and conduct towards all as they follow. Speaking and treating everybody with respect and addressing them in a calm voice. Having well established rules for keeping mutual respect between students .Mutual respect is very important to be developed from very young age to make it a part of their daily living and letting them know how it feels to be respected and teaching them them language of respecting . Mutual respect is a very integral part of sports to respect their opponents and competitors no matter who wins or loose for the fight one puts up against the other to secure the place. Even within families despite differences in income or education or roles , mutually respecting each other to keep away feelings of jealousy or feeling of let down from spoiling relations.

Mutual admiration and Mutual respect are very important part of conduct to maintain healthy relations in partners , families , community , workplace , classrooms . It very much influences our equations but also builds a bond that does not easily break over small differences or conflicts that happen. And the more you give respect you get respect.

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  1. Thank you , yes I believe its more of a conduct and needs to practised by all.

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