My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

selective focus photography of red fruits

Hi friends i couldn’t write for sometime there were difficult times at home , wouldn’t speak much of it . But yes there are these days when things look really out of hand , i don’t find strength to do more , yes there are these bad days i wish never happened . I wont share these with you as i never would want to give out any negativity in such times . But i would like to share with you a story of belief , hope and love.

From onset of pandemic and the following lockdown i have been taking up everything new from roles to learning to responsibilities. I took something for myself also like watching world movies , gardening and writing to keep me sane and keep my family going . Though rest all still was working in some way and made progress, gardening and planting in limited flat space didn’t go quite good for me.I got this big rectangular tub like planting pots to put in my window grills , had them filled with much mud even tried putting vegetable seeds so that i could grow some home grown vegetables being the only pure vegetarian in the family.

As the seedlings and plants started to sprout most of it got eaten by sparrows , pigeons and small birds , also the tubs became more of their resting point and visiting place . I had lost hope of growing anything in them , but with a hope everyday from the vegetable cut i would put some seeds in the pots . To my surprise one day a tomato sapling appeared i wasn’t much excited as i knew even this would get eaten up . But to my surprise it missed the eyes of the birds or whatever reasons it survived among so many others, i don’t know. It grew much bigger and this time it was out of their bounds of being eaten up .

At least i was sure it would survive and be a grown plant , and i kept taking care of it . Then due to heavy winds its branches and stems almost bend and it grew little crooked . I still kept watering it hoping it will survive and after sometime it grew more branches and all branches had bore many yellow flowers just together , now i was eagerly waiting for all these flowers to become tomatoes . To my surprise all bloomed and dried away but no fruits.

I searched on net what was missing these flowers didn’t turn to fruits or did i have a special plant that only gave flowers but not tomato. So three main factors added to this the climate , fertilizers and pollination. For fertilizers i did get something from a nearby nursery had it put in the soil but the plant just bore more flowers . Now i knew if it was climate i could only wait keep taking care of it . If it was pollination i could just wish some pollination insect reach near my plant which was a challenge in the top floor where i live in or the wind does the trick . All i could do is have faith and believe. Yes i am logical person but more of a believer i have never held logic above that . I follow my own belief system not restricted or stern , more of everything and encompassing all with every learning and experience i changed and grew this belief system .

And one day i saw finally a small tomato after many months , it some how grew to size of a cherry and turned red . So that’s it , the maximum size of tomato this plant could give , but yes it was there finally . And within all this times we had some bad days , some troubled times and i overlooked my tomato plant , now it had dried branches which looked yellow but the leaves were there . I started watering it again and just as my husband was going to uproot it as it looked dead , i told him to leave it for sometime. Yes it grew leaves and steams again , the flowers were back this time they would appear as triplets each time 3 flowers together . I knew my plant well they were not going to turn tomatoes . One day another tomato again appeared . I was full of heart and felt good of taking decision not to let it go even after it looked all dried up.

Its very special to me the only plant that survived , that’s been through my tough times , keeping my hope alive , my belief in God i know not all is in my hand and my responsibility to take care and serve it with all that i can and wait for it bear fruit when everything is just right.

26 thoughts on “My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

  1. I truly understand, I have been through terrible times and still had to carry on and be the strong one. It set me into a downward spiral of depression for a long time. I sincerely hope that no-one ends up like that and I will be here for anyone. I do really appreciate your hard work and effort and having children around to depend and rely on you is challenging. You are doing a great job, keep up the fantastic work and I’m sure there is many people who would love to support you in any way. You energy gor the tomato plant is lovely and shows how passionate and caring you are, I am happy that you have found a way to cope and survive these terrible times in a miracle plant! I wonder how big it will grow! Keep updating us please, I am look forward to it.

    1. I have been through much too , but being a believer and never giving up attitude I keep going . you are a very kind hearted person and I am thankful for supporting words it means a lot in such times , as u say we all should have kindness to make this world a better place.

  2. Hi, I am sorry that you had to experience hard and bad times. It is amazing that you have turned your energy to different things and gardening is fantastic! I am impressed at you skills and knowledge for growing the tomato plant, I have tried a few times with them and they never survive, I don’t think I have got the miracle hands for gardening. I have been engaged throughout reading this post and have throughly enjoyed learning about the different things needed to grow the plant and that it has been eaten by birds occasionally. Well done for a wonderful post and being so strong! Keep going!

      1. Don’t worry its right here . always nice to hear from you🙂.

    1. Yes I try to be strong with kids around but sometimes are really tough , thank you for your beautiful comments makes me feel heard and good. Oh I too dont have that gardening hands but this one was sure a miracle plant for me.

  3. Hope lies inside us, so don’t look for others. If everyone started looking for others to get inspiration and hope, they might feel empty and sad.

    Having happy and active people around us help us. Although, self inspiration is stronger than anything.

    I hope you can grow more trees and plants. Stay happy, stay safe.😊💐💐

    1. Great thoughts ,thanks for sharing . yes I wish I could grow more but these birds are a trouble.

      1. I have a space crunch also they eat the saplings before it grows into plants the entire tub is empty . I put seeds every week from tomato , chillies , coriander

      2. But a good idea need to search on this. A bird feed so that they dont eat saplings.

      3. Sure , thank you . I am.really thankful to all of you to help me keep up the positivity.

      4. I’ve just joined you today. I like your work style. The way you communicate with your fellow bloggers is respectful and admirable.

        Namaste 🙏

      5. oh thank you so much , i missed this comment in spam . Thank you for joining my blog , i hope you like more of my works here i write on many topics but my journal and poems are more appreciated by my readers.

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