My Journal 54 . Two Different Worlds

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We all know how its to be part of two different worlds with this pandemic the one before it and the one now we call the new world . The rules , life , restriction , change in all spheres’ of life and many more complexities that doesn’t fit into words that cant explain how we have been trying to be part of this version of us in this new world .All that we are going through within us , our equations with our relations , changing requirements and priorities , roles and responsibilities .And when you are subjected to a new world you don’t get much to complain or find time to change yourself to fit in , the process just begins even before you can handle or train yourself to be . You have start to flowing and keep making changes as you encounter one that may be needed to be part of the new world.

So is with life, many a times people have been in situations that they have felt part being of two different worlds in various contexts depending on challenges life presented, without much buffer to take time to go through this transition of shifting from one world to another . Sometimes its a living in both, for some time in one and back to the other , sometimes these two different worlds are because of people around you , effect of place you belong to and from a time period of ones life. There could be multiple combinations and reasons people face to be part of two different worlds in their life . Yes on the outside it seems one is trying to be part of the world but inside its a different fight trying to figure out how to live and program ourselves for these different worlds transition both within and the outside.

How it feels being part of , the change , the experience you carry from this two different worlds and what makes you a different version of the two different worlds. I have had not one, but many situations in life where i have felt being part of or divided between two different worlds . I would have to build a different version of me based on the elements , connections , surroundings , my roles and responsibilities or the time period of my life. Let me tell you about some of these stories, which felt like living in two different worlds.

The change of world with location: One that was much of my school life, i was divided between two cities of two different countries one our native and the other the work country. As kids we would spend time divided between these two places throughout my childhood. The difference in culture , language , mannerism ,education system , surroundings , conducts , kids around me , thoughts, facilities was so distinct i had to go this internal reprogramming every time i shifted from one of this place to other . This kept on happening for long as ten years till my school was completed finally . There was this place i found myself superior to others and then this place i felt little as i lagged behind in many skills , knowledge and exposure .

But not having much freedom to complain i decided to raise myself to the difficult version of the world by finding ways as i had to make it work and when back to the other world i would try to adjust to their ways . Getting each of this crowd accepting me was another challenge , both had different ways of responding and interests . This one crowd belonged to really educated backgrounds from home so they would speak of many social skills and bonding , ideas , freedom and creativity. And the other crowd i found myself around would speak about things from tv and movies as they were exposed much to it , insecurities, lacking emotional and social skills , with basic challenges of resources , support , guidance. I learnt one thing from these two worlds that one is not aware of the other , and so they are not trying something outside what they know and the other doesn’t not know of a life beyond facilities what they live.

Then the change of world with people .In younger versions of life , There was this cultural boundary which had to be followed and restrictions within the four walls . But then a different me outside them as i had to face the outside world , be a part of the process or community and not let those restrictions effect my thought or growth . Yes this did have a little effect on my outward approach under the influence , many a times letting me to be left out . But i didn’t stop, took the best of the time and exposure i had to learn from everything that was around, different from what i was experiencing in those four walls to largen my horizon .

When back again to those four walls i had to make sure to follow those rules to make life a lesser struggle and go with the flow . Yes when time was right i chose to live by my decisions , choices and freedom. The challenge in this two worlds was with the people around it was a different world with the people inside and a different world with the people outside . The insiders had a different influence and expectations which i had to put up with and the outside world which never gave a second thought for coming up with judgments. There were two versions of world in the outside and inside, I always knew what i wanted to be and what i had to learn to keep my horizon of thoughts broad.

Then change of world with time : I was this college student aspiring to be an IT professional with interest in developing algorithms and software process . I had even put best i could , trying to gather from all resources of our libraries than go the shortcut way reading exam material to get my basics really strong . But times changes and demanded me to become a lecturer as it was the recession year and other challenges personal front , the hard work i put behind learning from those heavy materials really paid . i knew exactly what i had learnt and wanted to give to others. And that was not enough with more challenges at personal and health front, i chose to be a homemaker and still didn’t give up on learning where i got to see the difficulties kids faced with learning and started to find more through research and practice . I developed a knowledge base ready to share with the world, put into my passion of writing . With writing opened new doors again and i was part of a world that had ambitions , achievements and exposure . Being part to this totally different worlds at different times in life was no less challenge.

This change of worlds with time period from being ambitious , dynamic , achiever . To being in a very restricted environment to challenges no books can teach , trying to figure everything out best with the basic logic and simplest way possible and learning to handle the complexities of human connections , responsibilities within the family .And then back again to the world where i haven’t been a part of , for a decade in the pursuit to following my passion. All of these worlds had different versions of me , demanded different skills be developed , some skills i lost along the way , some i learnt new , some found connections with my heart. When every time i chose to move from one of this world to another it was a tough decision a challenge to learn again , to start from zero , to try , not knowing even the A.

This has been the part of many lives where in different contexts there exists totally different worlds in their life . I tried to speak of them putting myself in it . These different worlds makes us so aware of the existing reality and how much of it we face , know or see , another’s understanding who hasn’t seen all of it . How each world demands a different you , skills varied , expectations and judgments so different and then you learn to be apart of both these worlds .

Sometimes there are two different worlds are because one that you are inside ,one that you want to put up for standing a chance in the market ; one that is reality one that is fantasy ; one that you have been and one that you want to become ; one that comes from difference in lifestyle ; socio economic status ; geographical and political challenges ; challenges at life with the inner circle or family ; challenges with choices and time.

Some are very good at it being good learners , resilient , experienced with various facets life shows and they find out some way to manage both worlds or the transition . Some are just in the learning process or have their own struggles they deal on daily basis , it become even a greater challenge for them . In the process some even find it difficult to be part of these different worlds they end up taking wrong side of decisions or sometimes a long process back to being their version of true selves The challenges , current trends, changing scenarios and technology revolution and competition brings is this exposure to different worlds not everyone is aware , trained , resilient to transition to new world or capable to live in both these different worlds as situation demands. Many break down between this transition , some are lost , some trying their level best , some get guidance , some without any support . Some choose to be in the world they find comfortable and less of struggle and limit their growth , horizons and become very stern and narrow minded .

Finally its about being ready to experience the other different world , to be able to learn the workings there , to be able to build a version of ourselves than can survive there and have a smooth transition through these worlds . Its best when we take best of both the worlds to understand life with a complete sense and choose to live in a world that’s a better version of ourselves.

I know this has been a really long post i have ever written , but then i had to put in many stories to give a better perspective and explanation . Hope you like it and let me know your thoughts on this.

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