My Journal 53. How Not to Doubt Yourself

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Today is a very special day for me and my blog , i didn’t realize this until i got a notification saying my plan in WordPress has been renewed . it was exactly this day one year before i started my blog. I never thought i would make it till here , but then now i have even more goals to achieve. It has been amazing journey the best part of is when i started inspiring others and the bad part of it when every time i was full of doubts. Doubts of not doing great , doubts from self reflection of not getting the best out of me , doubts i wont stand a chance with others being new here . Today i want to share with you my journey with doubts and how i fight it even today in many new upcoming situations.

How not to doubt yourself ? People give up on their endeavors for two main things fear of failure fear of doubt . I didn’t fear failure because i didn’t have expectations , also i have been resilient my life , i knew i would bounce back or find myself out. I don’t lack confidence because i have knowledge , i have experienced it myself in practice. But fear of doubt is a part of my nature to double check on self , evaluate self , reflect on self , sometimes too much of this just creates many doubts not living up to owns expectation , not good enough , not the best of me .

I broke each of this through my journey yes each individually one at a time and each took time. I started first by accepting its ok not to be perfect every time with every step i will make progress better than before but a the most i was ready to go out with my flaws and let it be a part of me. Every time I felt like giving up on this journey I tried finding a new angle , something new to add , something I learned from others. Not to mention there were challenges and negativity from outside too that made me doubt but then i believed in my instincts , knowledge and intentions were very clear set . Yes with results , compliments and bonds i made ,this gave me more confidence to find my feet and stand strong even when challenged by my doubts. That doesn’t mean i am fully strong every time i face something new i am again full of doubts and i cant keep going through this process again , nor let anyone else doubt my worth.

I am conscious , self aware and reflective kind this makes me many a time doubt or recheck myself. I believe in humility not having ego but that doesn’t mean i should doubt my own worth . There are many ways we can go about this , Beginning with learn not to take all opinions , because not all matter . Have your goals , intentions and purpose very clear , so no matter what comes up as a question , you keep going. Keep away from all negativity both from outside and the inside . From outside learn not to take it into your head and if its a real suggestion try implementing it with a well thought, planned and researched ways that suits you. Believe in your uniqueness and accept it with all grace and embrace it with totality , let your uniqueness be your creativity. Don’t speak to yourself or speak about yourself negative in anyway no matter what’s inside your head, because unconsciously you start feeding it like i don’t know , i cant , i may not ….Just get going sometimes being in the process itself will unfold many things and the part of you will find out ways to solve it . Always remember nobody is going to be at the same place even if they start at zero . Go ahead and chase your dreams and face your challenges without a single doubt . Because if you don’t believe in yourself you cant have others believe in you and your work. Thanks for all you lovely people and my dear friends here to help me keep going with my journey . You are a very important part of my journey. πŸ₯°πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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      1. You are a great inspiration and a good friend. β€οΈπŸ™

    1. Thank you for your appreciation always, means a lot. Yes a necessary reminder for me if I got to keep going .

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